The Ladies

Annette Spychalla

Annette has always been an intuitive, spiritual seeker and guide for others with a deep connection her intuition, but lost her connection to self in a long, toxic marriage. It was during this time that inspired her to tap into the power of the Valkyrie (That Courageous Badass Woman Warrior Within) and reconnect to her purpose. She is now an AC Accredited Life Coach and Reiki Master for women who uses a combination of science and intuition to guide clients on a powerful path of individual agency reclamation in their own lives.


Aubrey Moore 

Aubrey Moore is a gifted Sex & Intimacy Coach who guides women through safely exploring their sexual desires, so that they can confidently connect with their own pleasure roots. Through her compassionate and intuitive approach, she has coached several women across the country to embrace their sexuality and take ownership of their pleasure.


Eboni Jewel Sears

Eboni Jewel Sears has been on her recovery journey for over 15 years and attributes her success to treating her recovery like a marathon, not a sprint. She is currently a Ph.D. Candidate in Transpersonal Counseling specializing in the action-oriented approach of (REBT) Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy, a Certified Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor Intern, a Certified Peer Recovery Support Specialist Supervisor, and a Master Life Coach. Eboni is passionate about her work as she purposefully believes that anyone can live a life by their design with the right tools. 


Helena Westin

Hrisanthi Dokos

Hrisanthi is an author, speaker and educator about intimate partner abuse – particularly narcissistic abuse. She uses her own journey to inspire and lead others. Her passion is empowering women and helping them on their healing journey.

As a thought leader and educator, Hrisanthi has coached, mentored, managed teams, facilitated workshops, seminars and conferences and developed her own courses in healing from intimate partner abuse – in particular narcissistic abuse.


Jen Medvec

Jessica Rice

Jessica Rice is a certified ICF Executive and Transformation Coach who helps visionary leaders reach extraordinary goals. With over 15 years of corporate experience, Jessica brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her coaching practice. Her clients have achieved remarkable results from developing new businesses to recovering from burnout. Jessica provides tailored support and guidance to help breakthrough their limitations, increase their productivity, and create their dream life.


Julia Hawkins

Julia is a positive dog trainer who helps dog owners navigate the confusing world of dog behavior. She supports her clients through support, fun, and empowerment. She believes it is never too late to start teaching your dog new habits. Julia works with families to help all members reinforce the training she teaches to help dogs thrive. 


Kiran Kumar

Kiran is a passionate, dedicated, and accomplished entrepreneur, speaker, and advocate for self-empowerment and equity, committed to helping women of all ages and backgrounds achieve success and visibility. She is the founder of Roaring Ahead, a training and empowerment organisation aimed at empowering all women regardless of colour, class, creed, and culture; the founder and host of the “You Are Not Invisible After 50” podcast; and the founder of the SPF50+ Movement.


Kylie Smith

Kylie is a dynamic and visionary entrepreneur, serving as the Founder and CEO of Liberty Life Consulting. Through her extensive experience as an educator, keynote speaker, workshop and retreat facilitator, she has empowered countless individuals to achieve their fullest potential. 

As the celebrated author of several influential works, Kylie has made a profound impact on the lives of many. Her expertise is particularly invaluable to women who have experienced abuse and trauma, and as President of Rising Resilient Australia Inc, she is committed to providing resources and support to the community. 


Maria Allshouse

Maria is a Certified Lifestyle Transformational Coach, Holistic Nutritionist, and Keynote Speaker. Her remarkable story of overcoming a lifetime struggle with disordered eating and releasing 130 pounds is as inspiring as it is engaging. With warmth and humility, she describes her journey from someone who was barely surviving to a completely revitalized individual thriving as an award-winning fitness athlete, Olympic triathlete, corporate leader, and community champion.

Most recently, she was awarded, the 2022 Award in Excellence for Health and Fitness. Maria has delivered inspiring presentations across the United States educating individuals from all backgrounds. She has also been featured in local and national publications and also has appeared as a guest on both local and national podcasts. 


Michele Zirkle

Michele Savaunah Zirkle, MA, PhD, is a published author, holistic practitioner and transformational coach. Michele, a regular contributor to The Journal of Health and Human Experience, Two-Lane Renaissance and Mindful Writer’s Anthologies, is best known for her inspirational stories and genre diversity. After twenty years of teaching high school English, she now teaches self-empowerment and healing to all ages in workshops and through her writing.


Odelia Elga

Odelia is a writing coach, author, and Guided Autobiography (GAB) instructor with a passion for empowering women to transform their lives. Using the somatic writing approach, she guides women on a journey from unease to clarity and help them to reconnect with their higher selves. 


Pascale Cook-Fernandes

Pascale Cook-Fernandes supports women to find their true happiness from within, so they can cultivate a truly happy life they love! 

She is owner and Happiness Coach at Women Finding Clarity, and host of The Happiness Workshop podcast. 

She knows that happiness cannot be found in the external, that’s why Pascale 

has used her experiences as a teacher, Reiki Master and happiness coach to create her signature programs, Jumpstart Your Joy and The Happiness Workshop and Abundant Happiness.


Patti Norman

Rae Roach

Rae Roach knows what it’s like to be plagued with self-doubt and fear. Following a series of setbacks that left her questioning her own worth, Rae embarked on an intense journey of self-discovery to find her authentic voice. Now through in-depth coaching programs, dynamic speaking, writing, healing sessions, and workshops, Rae teaches others how to uncover and embody personal truth and pursue a life of joy and purpose.  


Robin Humphreys

Robin Humphreys, Founder and CEO of Phoenix Heart Healing, supports women to shift anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem into lasting calm, connection, and confidence. She believes that no woman should ever have to disconnect from herself in order to fit in the world, and that every woman should have support on her journey home to herself. Robin’s unique holistic approach blends hands-on energy healing, meditation, breathwork, movement, and other powerful practices customized to her clients’ needs.


Stephanie Alberti

Stephanie is an empathetic and passionate mindset coach and intuitive healer with over 25 years of experience in emotional well-being as an educator, coach, workshop facilitator and speaker. She brings her proven techniques and insights to people wanting to make change, in need of emotional healing or wanting direction and coaching to turn their dreams into realityHer mission is to bring more emotional literacy to families to foster healthy relationships, inform conscious parenting and celebrate happy family foundations


Stephanie Ross

Stephanie Ross Bsc. (she/her) is a dedicated guide and spiritual mentor for individuals seeking connection with their True Self and embarking on a journey of personal growth and healing.

As a Yuan Qigong Master, senior Ren Xue teacher, and internationally published author, she uses her extensive training and over a decade of embodied experience to compassionately guide people inward with a step-by-step program designed for deep introspection; enhanced physical, Qi, emotional, consciousness and whole life wellbeing – natural outcomes while moving steadily towards higher levels of realization and wisdom.

Connect with Stephanie, read her published life cultivation articles and poems, download her free ebook, and learn about her individual sessions, workshops, and in-depth programs.


Stephanie Unger

Stephanie is a marketing strategist who helps Healers build thriving practices and making a positive impact on the planetDrawing from her diverse background in Non-for-Profit, Government, Small Business and Fortune 100 Companies, Stephanie brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in marketing to provide spiritual entrepreneurs customized solutions to achieve their mission


Tiene Holsonback

Yuos’sima Rose Dineen

Yuos’sima Rose Dineen is the divine channel and author of The Truth of Trauma and CEO of The Trauma Sanctuary LTD, she is dedicated to helping leaders create a higher legacy by leading aligned with love. 


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